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David Beckham's English look

David Beckham's English look

David Beckham's sense of style is "very English".

The 41-year-old retired soccer star - who is married to fashion designer Victoria Beckham - is backing Kent & Curwen and jumped at the chance to be a part of the revitalised brand because he thinks their new direction, overseen by designer Daniel Kearns, echoes his own signature sartorial look perfectly.

He said: "I consider myself very English, I'm proud of being English and this a brand that represents British heritage.

"I'm not a designer - I leave that to Daniel and my wife - but this is a project I'm very proud of

"I'm a partner in the business but Daniel understands how I like to look and how I like to dress, and how men want to dress in general.

"People know I'm very English in the way I like to dress, and that's what we wanted to bring to this."

David has seen his style change as he has gotten older and though he insists he has no fashion regrets, he admits some of his previous choices - such as matching leather outfits with his spouse and sporting a sarong - were very "bold" and he is unsure why he opted for them.

He told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "My style has evolved. I'm 41 years old now, so you start to dress in a different way as you grow older.

"Over the years, I've definitely worn pieces that I look back at now and think 'why did you wear that? How did you wear that? Wow, that was bold'. But there's nothing I regret. That's what makes fashion great."