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David Beckham's enduring style

David Beckham's enduring style

David Beckham has worn the same boots for 15 years.

The 40-year-old retired soccer star - who is known for his fashion sense - admitted his treasured battered biker boots are his most treasured item of clothing.

Speaking in a Facebook Q&A for Belstaff to promote their new short movie 'Outlaws', David said: "I've had them for about 15 years, I try not to wear them on my motorbike as they would get worn down.

"I almost ruined them when I was in the Amazon doing a documentary and I spent about three hours trying to clean them on the last day when we got back to Rio de Janeiro, I almost lost them at one point."

David also revealed that he loves working with Belstaff because they make exactly the clothes he wears in his day to day life.

He explained: "It's what I wear every day, battered jeans, T-shirts and leather jackets so I always feel really comfortable in their clothes."

David also previously admitted he loves breaking fashion rules and prefers to choose his own clothes rather than using a stylist.

He said: "Rules are made to be broken and I think I've done that over the years, in good ways and in bad ways. But I'm having fun and I wear what I like to wear: I don't get told what to wear. It's always important to have your own mind."