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David Beckham launches new Bodywear range

David Beckham launches new Bodywear range

David Beckham has launched his new Bodywear range.

The retired soccer star has teamed up with fashion retailer H&M once again for his Spring Summer collection and insists the focus was on "great quality and affordability".

He said: "Everything about my Bodywear for H&M has to be authentic. If I wouldn't wear it then it doesn't go in the collection! I want to choose a range that has great quality and design but is affordable.

"I'm always trying to evolve the Bodywear collection, and include classic pieces like sweaters and track pants that I would wear out or at home."

In photos released to promote the range, David can be seen modelling a number of garments available including sweatshirts, tops and tracksuit bottoms, which retail from £14.99 to £29.99.

Meanwhile, David previously insisted rules are "made to be broken" in fashion.

He shared: "Rules are made to be broken and I think I've done that over the years, in good ways and in bad ways. But I'm having fun and I wear what I like to wear: I don't get told what to wear."

David Beckham's Spring Summer 16 Bodywear collection will launch on February 4.