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Daisy Lowe: These hips don’t lie

Daisy Lowe: These hips don’t lie

Daisy Lowe thinks her big hips will help her have an easy birth.

The 26-year-old beauty is envied for her killer figure, which has landed her modelling jobs for the likes of Chanel, Vivienne Westwood and Agent Provocateur lingerie.

Daisy is proud of her body and while she is currently single, the star thinks it will aid her in having a family in the future.

"I love being called curvy. I love embracing the feminine form. I’m really grateful that our bodies are as powerful as they are, and we can grow life in us. I have big hips so one day I hope to have an easy birth," she told British magazine InStyle.

Daisy previously dated Doctor Who actor Matt Smith and has been linked to Harry Styles and Mark Ronson. With her feisty personality, she looks for a guy who is confident enough to approach her; but they're not easy to come across.

"I’d like to be taken on some dates. Men don’t really come up to me and ask me out. They’re more intimidated by me," she added. "Even though I’m all about being a very independent woman and I believe in equality, I’m also very old-fashioned, so I would never make the first move with anyone."

She added that she doesn't want another high-profile relationship, as it causes too many complications. She isn't worried about Mr. Right never showing his face though and is happy to wait until someone who understands her busy lifestyle comes along.

"There will be someone. It would be nice to have adventures with someone. I miss that," she sighed.

Daisy is a regular on the party scene even though she doesn't drink on a regular basis. It's a change that has come with getting older.

"I had three tequila shots at the Brits and two margaritas on Valentine’s Day. I’ve had five drinks since my birthday on 31 January. And that’s throughout London Fashion Week. But I’m not a teetotaller. I like a good tequila and a dance," she smiled.

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