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Daisy Lowe's sleep-deprived fashion disasters

Daisy Lowe's sleep-deprived fashion disasters

Daisy Lowe makes bad outfit choices when lacking sleep.

The British model has attended Britain's world famous Glastonbury music festival several times over the years, and is likely to be there when the 2016 event kicks off on Friday (24Jun15). Daisy ensures she has a wide array of ensembles for the annual event, as she likes to experiment with clothing genres like 1920s' showgirl pieces and "Drew Barrymore ’90s grunge". She doesn't always get it spot on though, as she revealed when reflecting upon one particularly embarrassing ensemble.

“About eight years ago, I wore these wet-look trousers with a blue Jaws T-shirt and these turquoise sunglasses," she cringed to "I loved the trousers, but I shouldn’t have paired them with that top. I was sharing a tent with way too many of my friends, and it’s like Middle-earth (a setting in J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium) at Glastonbury. I went on the Wednesday, and that outfit was on the Saturday - I hadn’t had more than a couple of hours’ sleep since I arrived, and I make really poor decisions when I’m tired!”

For those looking to follow in Daisy's footsteps by mixing up their outfits for the three days of musical performances, the brunette beauty has plenty of advice to share. Floral headdresses teamed with "floaty hippie skirts", as seen at the original Woodstock festival, is a style she favours, as well as ethereal, "fairy-like looks".

The 27-year-old's desire to stand out doesn't stop at her clothing - she's a big fan of bold make-up too, even playing with face paint on occasion. She takes her inspiration from make-up artist Alex Box, who is known for her colourful cosmetics, as well other famous faces at the festival.

"Then there’s the Courtney Love/Drew Barrymore/Winona Ryder ’90s smudged black eyeliner that’s a bit rough around the edges, which is great if you don’t want to be finding glitter in various orifices for the next couple of months," Daisy smiled.

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