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Daisy Lowe's Coachella tips

Daisy Lowe's Coachella tips

Daisy Lowe can’t be bothered to transform her day to night look at Coachella Festival.

The British model is currently in California waiting for the start of the annual music event, which runs over two consecutive weekends in April (16).

Daisy may be used to having her make-up done on photoshoots, but away from work she’s quite laidback with cosmetics.

“Come evening time, people here really go for a ‘look’. I can never be bothered to do the whole transformation thing so instead I just play up one feature,” she told Britain’s InStyle magazine. “For example last night I went from a brown lipstick in the day to a bright red one at night. The day before, I kept the same look going, I just added some more mascara.

“There’s an amazing Smashbox eye cream called Photo Finish Hydrating Under Eye Primer which I always put on first as it’s great in the heat and stops my mascara from going everywhere. A fixing spray is also great at taking you from day to night.”

Daisy is just as relaxed when it comes to her Coachella clothes, and advises packing light layers that don’t take up too much space. This year, the 27-year-old is focusing on floaty dresses with structured 50s-style swimsuits to go underneath.

“My style advice is always to wear what you feel comfortable in,” she said. “I’ve been coming to Coachella for six years now and although I do definitely dress very differently to other festivals – everyone here looks like they’re in a Hollywood movie with all the maxi dresses and black – if you don’t feel comfortable you’re going to end up feeling miserable. It’s definitely my favourite festival to come to apart from Glastonbury mainly because of the weather but also because you can go home and shower and come back looking much better than if you’d slept in a tent!”

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