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Daisy Lowe: 'I'm too clumsy to be sexy'

Daisy Lowe: 'I'm too clumsy to be sexy'

Daisy Lowe accepts that she has a sexy body, even though she doesn’t see it herself.

The British model has sported everything from a skinny frame to curves, but no matter what her body is doing Daisy has never found it difficult to book work.

However she is one of many rallying against the term plus-size, and admits she’s a massive feminist on issues to do with the body. Daisy also totally owns her own shape and is comfortable in her skin.

“I’m told by designers I have a sexy body and I accept that, but I never feel sexy. I’m far too clumsy to be properly sexy,” she smiled to Britain’s Grazia magazine. “I’m always falling over. I used to dress sexily, but I’m trying to be a bit more of a lady now – like Katharine Hepburn or Julianne Moore. I love those beautiful classic styles, my favourite designers are Saint Laurent, Christopher Kane, FRAME and Paige Denim. I think ladylike is very sexy.”

When her grandfather, who helped to raise her, recently fought lung cancer, Daisy found she was eating a lot to deal with the situation and ended up piling on the pounds. Once her granddad was given the all clear, the 27-year-old decided she needed to shift the weight in order to keep her energy up to help with his recovery.

She enlisted trainer Belinda Scriven and is now looking as happy and healthy as ever.

“I wasn’t obsessed. I just wanted to get back to what I was,” Daisy explained. “I was lucky in that I put weight on in a fairly proportionate way, but my boobs were enormous and my legs were massive. I’ve been eating reasonably sensibly but not going mad. I’m happy with my body. I’ve been through something that has made me incredibly grateful to be alive.”

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