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Daisy Lowe claims Victoria's Secret Angels have to pad their bras

FashionBy Sunday World
Daisy Lowe claims Victoria's Secret Angels have to pad their bras

Daisy Lowe has claimed the Victoria's Secret Angels have to fill their bras with "chicken fillets".

The 27-year-old model admires all the girls who walk for the lingerie giant but doesn't accept they have athletic figures and she thinks many of the Angels are too "too thin" and have to rely on silicone breast enhancers to boost their cleavage.

Discussing the Angels in an interview with The Daily Telegraph newspaper, Daisy said: "They are so tiny. They also have chicken fillets in their bras. I'm a huge fan of lots of the girls who walk for them but some of them do look too thin. You want to go, 'Can I feed you just a bit?'"

Daisy has strutted down the catwalk for the likes of Burberry, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton and Pringle, and though she admits she has curves where other girls don't, she insists at a slender size eight, she is far from being a plus size model and she insists giving her that label is not fair on women.

She said: "If you put me next to a normal catwalk girl, I am much curvier, which I am really proud of. But also I am sure lots of women who are the average size - 14 to 16 in this country - must find it really frustrating, because I am a size eight. The reason why I don't like that word attached to me is I don't want to make (other) curvy women feel bad or wrong."