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D&G's Shakespearian showcase

D&G's Shakespearian showcase

Dolce & Gabbana wanted to tell a "story" with its latest Alta Moda collection.

Design duo Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana unveiled their new line at Domenico's home in Italy on Friday evening, with a Midsummer Night's Dream theme present.

Garments were over-the-top with their lavishness, with models wearing Shakespearean gowns featuring colourful ruffled bodices and huge skirts along with floral headpieces.

The pair knew exactly what feel they wanted to evoke from their vivid creations.

“The fashion system is more than just labels. You have to offer a sensation and an emotion – you have to tell a story," Stefano told "I love Shakespeare!

"[It's an experience] between fantasy and reality”.

It was a unique occasion for Domenico too, who found it "strange" to present a collection at his own home. However he reasons that holding it at his own premises was the only way to show guests the way of Italian life. Songs such as Greensleeves played in the background to reflect the Shakespearean theme, as did the romantic setting in the hills.

While his house was the main setting, he describes Stefano's house as "the showroom". Along with dresses there were also stunning jewellery pieces, adding even more lavishness to the 94 ensembles that came out.

After their womenswear presentation on Friday evening the designers held another for men the next night. Full of tailored trousers and shirts, it had a decadent feel similar to that of the female pieces.

“Our desire for vanity and beauty doesn’t change,” Domenico told ”We’ve just lost the way to deliver them.”

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