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Cynthia Rowley: 'I design for fearless women'

Cynthia Rowley: 'I design for fearless women'

Cynthia Rowley is inspired by women who are willing to take sartorial risks.

The Chicago-born designer has opened up about her design inspirations and shares that she wants women to be buzzing with positive energy when they wear her designs, which include everything from apparel, eyewear and even wetsuits.

"I'm inspired by women who are brave and take risks and I see that mood happening in fashion, where it's just mix it all up, wear print on print and stripe, and vintage and new, and be fearless," she told InStyle Australia.

Already a veteran on the international circuit, on Thursday (19May16) Rowley showed at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia for the first time.

Showing a collection of ready-to-wear, swimwear and wetsuits, Rowley said that the sun-drenched city is the ideal location to launch her 2017 resort line.

"We're showing resort, we went pedal to the metal and produced our whole resort collection a month earlier than normal," she explained. "I feel such a warmth from the Australian people."

At the show, models paraded down a stark white runway in floral print bikinis, geometric patterned wetsuits in retro tinged pinks and oranges, flower-printed flowing peasant tops and sun safe long sleeve swim tops. Keeping in theme, models were accessorised with matching surfboards, floral embellished backpacks, oversized resin sunglasses and minimalist slip-on sandals.

But even after more than 25 years in the business and 60 stores which bare her name, Rowley admits that she gets a little nervous before events and has specific pre-show rituals.

"Well, it's an American thing, but finding a penny face-up is good luck, so in the lead up to a show when I find lucky pennys I save them and then right before the show I give them to everyone in my team for good luck. I feel like you create your own luck though I'm pretty lucky, I feel lucky to be here doing this," she smiled.

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