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Cynthia Rowley: 'Catwalks are crazy'

Cynthia Rowley: 'Catwalks are crazy'

Cynthia Rowley finds fashion shows far too chaotic.

The American fashion designer boasts everything from womenswear to cosmetics under her name, and often shows her new lines during New York Fashion Week. As time goes on though, Cynthia's outlook on such events has changed as she thinks they're more stressful than enjoyable for most.

"It’s such a chaotic thing, the way it’s done now," she told "It’s so crazy, it doesn’t make it easy for anyone. I think it’s exciting if somebody says, ‘I’m having a show next week.’ I’m like: ‘Cool! I’m not busy! I can squeeze it in!’ I do think big shows are super-exciting. So maybe if (designers) want to do it, and then not do it, that’d be OK, too.

"(People now) can just see the clothes on or Refinery29. By the time stuff gets into the stores, people are tired of it. That’s the thing about doing a big show and putting it out there - then it just sits there. (The process can) make it more exciting to shop for more under-the-radar designers."

In terms of her own presentations, Cynthia, 57, has worked hard to make them stand out from the crowd. She explains she's been trying to "reinvent" the runway concept for some time now as she doesn't understand how so many designers replicate what's been done before. The fashionista also hinted at what fans can expect from her next show.

"So we did some things with photography and interactive presentations, and recently we’ve been making these little films," she shared. "For this collection, we had the idea that we were going to go to Montauk and build this 200-foot mirrored runway and have it on the beach and shoot the girls with drones, and have a runway show on the beach. Sounds... reasonable. Maybe a little far-fetched."

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