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Cynthia Rowley: Always experiment

Cynthia Rowley: Always experiment

Cynthia Rowley would like her lasting legacy to be "try something new".

The American designer is a favourite among stars likes Zosia Mamet and Demi Lovato, but fashion fans also covet her clothes.

Talking to about her career, Cynthia urges people to try new things to get ahead in life.

"Try something new. In work. In life. In everything you do. The more frontiers that have been broken, the more challenging it is to find new arenas to explore, but being a little scared all the time is always better than being complacent," she enthused when asked what she'd like her legacy to be.

Cynthia originally intended to follow a career as a painter and studied at the Art Institute of Chicago. Growing up in a family of artists Cynthia still wanted to use her creative flair, but decided to channel it into clothes.

Taking risks is one of her top tips for finding success, though the path to the top hasn't always been smooth for Cynthia. Despite knockbacks she never gave up on her goals.

"A lot of risk-taking, having a vision and being able to execute it. You have a short-term vision and a long-term vision. You really have to have that scope and be able to execute it over and over and over, every single day.

"A lot of people imagine that critical success goes hand-in-hand with financial success. You have to be able to sort that out in your head early on so that you're not intoxicated by your social or critical success and forget about the bottom line. Financial success needs to be coupled with happiness, that you're doing something worthwhile. You have to have your head screwed on straight," she said.

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