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Crystal Renn: 'Photography is my true love'

Crystal Renn: 'Photography is my true love'

Model Crystal Renn describes her budding photography career as her "true love".

After more than a decade in the modelling business, Crystal has made a name for herself by defying expectations and starting a dialogue about body image with her memoir Hungry.

Now the brunette beauty is adding another string to her bow by adding photographer to her list of specialties.

The 29-year-old told U.S. Vogue magazine that photography is something that she does when she has the urge "to say something".

"Photography just happens to be, for me, a true love," she said. "It’s something that I can do when I feel I want to say something, when I maybe want to let something go, when I want to capture or remember a moment of where I was in time. For me, photography is like therapy."

Crystal, known for being designer Zac Posen's muse, revealed that her passion for taking photos was ignited during a hiking trip to Patagonia, though she admits that she'd always wanted to pursue the craft as a creative outlet.

"I knew that I loved imagery; that’s absolutely why I pursued modelling in the first place,” she said. “It was always about the images.”

She is inspired by photographers who specialise in conveying mystery and intensity such as Andre Kertesz, Francesca Woodman and Sarah Moon.

Crystal also added that photo sharing website Instagram has had a great influence on her work and has given her a "different awareness".

"What I really love about Instagram is that it puts me in the habit of finding moments within my life and creating an image daily," she said, adding, "It offers a structure to my work, and the encouragement to keep at it."

The model works frequently with self-portraits and describes capturing her own images as offering herself a wonderful new outlet to express herself.

As well as taking on her debut acting role in The Puppet Man (2016), Crystal admits she would not be opposed to directing in the future and has always believed "that one can do it all".

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