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Creatures of the Wind: We don’t alienate

Creatures of the Wind: We don’t alienate

Creatures of the Wind designers Christopher Peters and Shane Gabier don't make "fashiony" clothes for the sake of it.

The US-based brand is a favourite among stars like Elle Fanning and Lena Dunham. Showing bi-annually at New York Fashion Week, Shane hopes style lovers will always be able to see something they like - even if some of the pieces can be a little intimidating.

"We never want the clothing to be alienating or fashiony for the sake of itself," he told US Elle magazine. "We always want it to be really special but not super-precious or impractical. Our goal is to make clothing that anyone can wear at any point of the day. Some of it can be quite challenging, but still the goal is to wear it.

"There's never been an intention of trying to make clothes that are purposefully obtuse. It's just the intersection of what Chris is and what I am."

"We think we're being normal. That's the scary part, and I guess it's the good part, too," Christopher smiled.

The brand's Autumn/Winter 15 offering was full of prints, with large star motifs, chequered fabrics and subdued florals taking centre stage.

Selecting the perfect fabric is top of the designers' priority list and anything from Japanese cotton to French silk can make the cut.

"We do a lot of research on the fabrics. There's something intensely satisfying about putting different materials together," Shane commented.

"Part of what we've been thinking about lately is what makes a simple silhouette special. Obviously it's about fit, but I think fabric is also one of the really important parts of it," added Christopher.

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