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Coco Rocha: 'Women deserve a stiff drink'

Coco Rocha: 'Women deserve a stiff drink'

Coco Rocha thinks a woman deserves a drink after a hard day's work just as much as a man does.

The 27-year-old model leads a healthy lifestyle all round, especially now she's a mother to daughter Ioni with husband James Conran. But she still treats herself to an alcoholic drink when the moment calls for it - she just makes sure she does it in moderation.

"A woman who drinks? Of course she drinks. She had a hard day just like a guy or she wants to go out with her girls. Whatever the reason, of course she deserves a drink," she told Inquirer Super.

"I think fashion, it evolves. It keeps changing. And we keep changing our style, our taste in food, but then with alcohol, there’s only a certain way men drink it and a way women drink it. It’s such a silly, weird concept."

Coco isn't one to party much though, as she's often up at 6.30am to tend to her tot and get her ready for the day ahead, which often involves going to work with mum or dad. She finds the idea of being without Ioni, who turns 14 months on Saturday (28May16), "insane" as she and James can't bear to be away from their little girl.

"We travel with her everywhere," Coco gushed. "We have great parents that can help any chance possible. We do have a very amazing nanny that can help but she only works once in a while with us. We’re very hands-on. We just love being parents. It’s the best job in the world."

The brunette beauty was scouted as a model in 2002 and has worked with many big names over the years, from Marc Jacobs to Versace. But there's one figure in particular who Coco will always drop everything to work with though, and still cites them as her favourite person to collaborate with.

"Anything to do with Steven Meisel," she said of the famed fashion photographer. "He was the one who made my career. The one who did the shoots for my Time and Vogue covers, and his favourite shoot, Top 10 models which included Linda Evangelista... I would think I was the youngest in that shoot at the time."

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