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Coco Rocha turns designer

Coco Rocha turns designer

Coco Rocha is gearing up to debut her first clothing collection.

The Canadian model has made a name for herself on the catwalk and in campaigns, which lead to a mentoring job on the American version of modelling competition The Face. She may have conquered the style and TV world, but designing was still out of reach - until now.

“I have always been interested in having my own clothing collection," she told WWD. "It’s always been in my mind to do it. But sometimes models are not taken seriously in this field. We’re to pose in the clothing but we don’t necessarily have our own point of view. But Paragon knew from conversations on day one that I was going to be very hands-on. They like that, rather than someone who comes in and only says, ‘Yes, no and maybe.'”

Label Co + Co is in collaboration with LA-based Paragon Project, and features sports luxe and tailored looks. As well as working with Paragon, Coco is also working side by side with husband James Conran on the project.

“Weirdly enough, we don’t fight about work," she laughed. "You might not believe me, but we don’t. If we fight, it’s about who didn’t clean what. I love working with James because he will always tell me exactly what he thinks - (even if) maybe at the time I won’t. If someone is always telling me, ‘Yes, that’s great’ and James turns to me and says, ‘I don’t think that’s a great idea,’ then I know it’s important to pay attention to what he’s saying.”

The 60-piece collection will range in price from $800 to $300. A strong social media presence will be key for the label, as Coco has learnt how important it is to use the internet to further a brand - something she has done with her own career.

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