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Coco Rocha: 'My fashion line is all about quality'

Coco Rocha: 'My fashion line is all about quality'

Coco Rocha's debut clothing collection focuses on "quality, materials and construction" above all else.

The 27-year-old model has teamed up with a fashion company from Los Angeles called Paragon Project on her new brand Co+Co by Coco Rocha, which she is designing and also the ambassador of. It's a contemporary streetwear line, which means it is more fashion-focused that traditional athleticwear, and Coco has gone in strong by offering 60 pieces, costing between $80 and $300.

"I'm all about quality, materials and construction," she told "Being raised around fashion since I was 14, I've seen first-hand what makes beautiful tailoring and what makes for something that will literally fall apart on you after a few hours.

"I think when it comes to streetwear with an athletic edge, it's either super cheap and poorly made or it's ridiculously expensive and out of the reach (for) the everyday woman."

This is something of a family affair, as Coco's husband James Conran is joining her on the project as creative collaborator.

The items will be available via Coco's website, which is becoming a lifestyle portal in January 2016, and some shops - although exactly which ones hasn't been confirmed at the moment.

The items will all be intricately detailed and the collection has been in the works for a long time. In part this is because Coco didn't want to rush in and release just anything; it was vital to her that anything which bared her name was perfect. In this vein she's created everything - including the clothing tags and logo.

"It's a constant battle to fight against the stereotype that models are meant to just glorify clothing hangers, and sit there while looking pretty," said stated. "Having been around the most amazing creatives in the industry for more than a decade, how could I not be inspired myself? And being married to an artist, we've wanted to design our own line for quite a while now."

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