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Coco Rocha loves her mum muscles

Coco Rocha loves her mum muscles

Coco Rocha’s arms look better than ever since she became a mom - because she’s constantly lifting her baby.

The Canadian model welcomed a daughter, Ioni James, into the world in March (15) and believes having a child is the best workout around. Coco kept in shape during her pregnancy and was surprised to realise how physically exhausting it can be to look after a baby.

“When I was pregnant I did work out,” she said in an interview with “I made it a point to work out and I had of course doctor’s approval and all that. But when I finally had a baby, I think that was thanks to pre-baby, when I was working out so much, that my body kind of got back into it. But also when you have a kid, you realise that is a workout. Holding a baby that’s a 20-pounder that doesn’t walk is a lot of work. My arms have never looked better.”

While the 27-year-old catwalk star was happy to work up a sweat during her pregnancy, she admits it wasn’t all plain sailing. Coco has her favourite ways to keep in shape, but performing a plank isn’t one of them.

“When I was pregnant I was doing that plank and oh my goodness, it was just, I hated it so much,” the brunette laughed. “But you just knew your muscles were doing what they needed to be doing. Anything where my body is shaking, which is my workout, I hate.

“My favourite workout is dance. I think that if you are working out and focused on getting fit, do something that you like. You will go further to your goal then just doing something that you hate. You will do that once or twice and be done with it. So if you love dance, do that. If it’s tennis, do that. Take the time to do whatever it is that you love and sure enough, you’ll be pumped to keep going.”

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