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Coco Rocha: Internet gave me a voice

Coco Rocha: Internet gave me a voice

Coco Rocha says the internet has given her the “power” to share her opinions.

The model is a huge social media fan, constantly keeping her followers up to date on Twitter, Instagram and her blog.

She’s now looked back on the first time she felt compelled to use the web, referring to a 2010 article in the New York Daily News, which used Coco as the subject while writing about models that are “too fat” for the runway.

“That was my aha moment, that now I had the power to share my point of view,” she revealed while speaking at a session with Internet Week. “Previously, someone would interview me and if they liked me, it’d be a great story. If they hated me, it’d be a horrible story. I had no way to say anything. Social media changed things for people who didn’t have a voice.”

In fact, her post was so successful, she outshone the news outlet as more and more people clicked on to check out her commentary.

“People didn’t even look at The Daily News. They wanted to see what I had to say on my blog. It went everywhere from The View to every late night news reporter, other magazines and papers. At that moment I was super proud that this is my point of view and it’s not going to go away,” she smiled.

Now the 26-year-old boasts 911,000 followers on Twitter and 942,000 on Instagram. She still finds it “fascinating” that people are interested in her life outside of work and thinks she’s a real pioneer of using social media to connect with fans.

“I am the first to play with [each new social network] and if doesn’t work out, OK, and if does work out, what usually happens is that I’m the first model to play with this platform. So people say, ‘There are not that many fashion people, so I’m gonna follow Coco,’” she reasoned.

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