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Coco Rocha: I keep exercise fun

Coco Rocha: I keep exercise fun

Coco Rocha loves exercise which doesn't feel like working out.

Rather than being a slave to the gym, the model prefers to get her blood pumping with more fun work outs.

Despite only giving birth to her first child, daughter Ioni, with husband James Conran in March (15), Coco is already back rocking a svelte figure.

“My favourite exercise is exercise when I don’t know I’m exercising – so if there’s music involved and I get my heart going, but it’s just a lot of fun," Coco smiled to Australia's Vogue.

"I don’t necessarily have a regime, when I go to the gym it’s a little cardio, it’s a little working on core, arms and legs.”

One of the reasons Coco snapped back into shape so soon after giving birth is that she kept her fitness up while pregnant.

As one of the world's most high profile models, the 27-year-old is more than aware of how to keep her body in shape.

“When I was pregnant I thought it was very important to work out, and of course you ask your doctor, but to me it was very important to stay strong through pregnancy so that afterwards you still felt strong and you didn’t have to start from zero, you were still at it," she revealed.

“I think I was more into it and excited to work out just because you were doing it for someone else."

Food wise, the former The Face mentor likes to keep it balanced. That means cleansing with juices and anti-oxidant rich foods, but also indulging when the mood takes.

“I love good food. I’m not someone who avoids it, or says, 'I’ve already had Bolognese once this week I can’t have another'," she smiled. "People may look at my Instagram and go, 'She doesn’t eat that,' I do.

“I definitely enjoy green juices and salads and I love greens as well so there’s a good variety, and I think that’s the thing, just enjoy!"

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