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Claudia Winkleman's 'orange' look

Claudia Winkleman's 'orange' look

Claudia Winkleman always wanted to "look orange".

The 'Strictly Come Dancing' host is a big fan of fake tan and always knew what shade she was going for to avoid any tanning disasters.

She said: "I also knew I wanted to look orange before I looked orange. I either like to be incredibly pale or the colour of teak. It's the same with make-up.

"I'm never going to put on an apologetic lick of brown eye shadow. I either want to look like Captain Jack Sparrow or have nothing on at all."

The 43-year-old star also opened up about her love for fashion and beauty and admits she has tried a number of styles over the years before finally settling on one she thinks suits her best.

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I have always loved fashion and beauty, but that's not to say I had good taste ... I went through quite a long phase of wearing only a shirt and tie, for which I blame Diane Keaton. It looked good on her; it did not look good on me.

"I think make-up is incredibly powerful if it alters the way you feel about yourself. I'm quite boring and never go out, but if I had to go and have a night out with the girls, I would feel a bit weird if I wasn't allowed to wear eyeliner. I could go out barefaced, because I have a massive fringe, which I'm growing to my chin.

"But for self-confidence, I love loads of eye make-up and a pale lip. In terms of tips I've gathered from make-up artists during my career, all I have learned is that they are brilliant and I am rubbish."