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Claudia Schiffer's beauty tips

Claudia Schiffer's beauty tips

Claudia Schiffer likes to feel her facial muscles completely relax during a massage.

The German supermodel has barely aged over the years, with her flawless complexion just as enviable as her blonde tresses. Claudia has shared her beauty secrets in a new interview, beginning with her favourite face treatments.

"I go to the Sisley spa at Claridge's. The best facial is the Supremÿa Facial. It uses muscular massage and lymphatic drainage to completely relax muscles in the face and eliminate toxins," she explained to "It leaves the skin smoothed and reoxygenated. But I also do my own masks while having a bath - I like Sisley and Clarins."

Her skincare regime continues in the shower as she uses a Clinique mint face scrub that leaves her tingling and feeling awake.

Claudia pays just as much attention to the rest of her appearance too: as her platinum locks are so recognisable she takes great care in looking after them. This is why she'd choose a blow-dry over a manicure any day.

"Blow-dry - I prefer doing this myself using all my products I created with Schwarzkopf. However if I have an important meeting, I will ask fashion hairdresser Raphaël Salley to give me a quick blow-dry," she added. "If I have a manicure and pedicure I like having them done by Toni Jade when I'm in London who comes to me. This is a real luxurious treat!"

If gorgeous skin and hair wasn't enough, there's also her figure to admire. The 45-year-old regularly does Pilates with her trainer David Higgins and favours outdoor exercises, such as walking her dogs and tennis, to indoor activities.

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