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Claudia Schiffer: Choc's my weakness

Claudia Schiffer: Choc's my weakness

Claudia Schiffer's mother tempts her with parcels filled with chocolate.

The German model relocated to England to live with her British husband Matthew Vaughn and their three children Caspar, Cosima and Clementine.

While she's settled in very well to life in the UK, there are certain things the 44-year-old craves from back home.

"I miss the German cuisine in general and the good bread. But I do love the food you get in the countryside here - I've adopted a lot of British favourites, such as having an English Breakfast Tea first thing in the morning," she revealed to German magazine Jolie.

"And I love German chocolate! I always try to resist it, but my mum is always sending my favourites over to England..."

Claudia is famed for her iconic blonde hair, which she currently wears long with a centre parting. While it looks very natural with her fair skin, the star admits she's had a bit of extra help.

"When I was 20, I had my first highlights done. My hair kept getting darker, so I eventually dyed it completely blonde," she revealed.

"It's not easy to get a nice blonde. If the hue is too yellow, it looks unnatural. I experimented a lot but now I'm really happy with the shade."

In general, the fashion star is pleased with her appearance. She confesses to being very shy when she was younger but has now overcome that and found confidence.

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