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Cindy Crawford: 'I was afraid of famous people'

Cindy Crawford: 'I was afraid of famous people'

Cindy Crawford took a long time to feel comfortable around famous people, and often felt like an outsider.

The 49-year-old star was one of the biggest names in modelling during the 80s and 90s and boasts a host of A-list pals, but wasn’t always so confident in herself. Cindy felt totally out of her depth when she left her home in Illinois to pursue a fashion career in the Big Apple.

“I was very naïve at the beginning,” she told Britain’s OK! magazine as she recalled moving to New York. “Coming from the Midwest, New York was a whole other world. I had to get used to living at a much faster pace – somewhere you can feel like you’re an outsider. It was much more sophisticated than I was prepared for and it took me a long time before I felt comfortable being in the company of famous or very accomplished people.”

Cindy isn’t just a pretty face; she was also blessed with brains and won an academic scholarship to study chemical engineering at Northwestern University. However, college life wasn’t for her and she dropped out shortly after to focus on modelling full time. She finds it frustrating that so many people still believe catwalk stars are lacking in intellect.

“When I left college to pursue modelling, I saw right away that people assumed I was stupid and that was always a hard thing to handle,” Cindy explained. “But eventually I was able to overcome that and put those negative attitudes in better perspective – that was really saying more about the people making those judgements than it was about me.”

Cindy is married to Rande Gerber and they have two teenage children together: 16-year-old Presley, and Kaia, 14. Although she built a career on her good looks, Cindy spent her younger years feeling insecure about her most famous feature.

“I was very self-conscious about my mole while I was growing up,” the beauty smiled. “And as a girl I wanted to remove it because I was embarrassed by it and constantly teased about it. Of course, that was the thing that later gave me my distinctive look as a model.”

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