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Ciara tacked down Grammy dress

Ciara tacked down Grammy dress

Ciara spent hours "tacking" her flesh-flashing dress down ahead of the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles last week.

The 30-year-old singer had no problem showing off her sun-kissed skin at the glamorous ceremony in her black body-con crystal-embellished frock but has admitted she and her team spent a long time pinning it down to protect her dignity in case an unexpected gush of wind blew it up on the carpet.

She explained: "Through the fitting process, I got my confidence and I knew it was going to be fine. We kind of made sure we tacked it in places that it could blow. When I was walking, though, I first got to the carpet, and I was like -- OK, let me make sure everything is in place."

And, although her legs, chest and arms were on display, the brunette beauty - who gave birth to her son Future just nine months ago - didn't work out rigorously prior to the event.

She told "I didn't specifically train for that day. I definitely cut back on some food. Making sure I'm not over-indulging, don't want the belly to bulge.

"There is a unique way to eat on the day of red carpet. You just scale everything back -- even water... You just refrain from doing all the heavy foods that are going to make you bloat. And then cut the water intake back too."