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Christy Turlington's health tips

Christy Turlington's health tips

Christy Turlington has been undergoing periodic cleanses for 20 years.

The 46-year-old model has opened up about her diet and fitness rules, which she takes incredibly seriously. Many believe models' slim figures are down to genetics, but Christy insists her glowing skin and toned frame is the result of hard work.

"I don't detox but I do cleanse periodically, which I've done for over 20 years," she told Britain's InStyle. "It could be juices or it could be eating a cleaner diet of just simple veggies and some protein with very little olive oil or salt."

It's exercise where Christy really gets serious. She is very into running and makes sure she has trainers with her wherever she goes so she can jog. This year (15) she decided to ramp things up a bit by setting herself a monumental challenge.

"I ran the London marathon this year so I had to train loads," she said. "Mondays and Fridays, I worked out with my trainer at a gym in New York called Soho Strength Lab, doing a lot of TRX type exercises and running on a curved treadmill. Then in between I'd run up and down the stairs, do yoga and go to Barry's bootcamp once a week to build up my strength.

"The classes I do focus on the back, chest and abs, including plank poses, side planks and other core strength exercises, as well as running workouts. I enjoy it and it makes a massive difference to my speed training. It meant I ran the marathon in three hours and 46 minutes - 17 minutes faster than I was hoping to."

Runners often talk of a getting a burst of energy after a session, thanks to the endorphins it releases. This is the case for Christy but she deals with them in an unusual way - having a bath to relax herself.

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