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Christopher Kane wants his designs to be age inclusive

Christopher Kane wants his designs to be age inclusive

Christopher Kane thinks it’s important that his designs can be worn be women of any age.

The Scottish designer studied fashion at the prestigious Central Saint Martins in London, before starting his own eponymous label in 2006, in partnership with his elder sister Tammy. While the brand is now partially owned by fashion conglomerate Kering, Kane is spearheading the revival of British high fashion, and wowed with his F/W 16 presentation in February (16), showing embellished dresses, oversized knitwear and fringe-trimmed jackets.

But among the quirkier pieces in his collection, there was chic tailoring in black, navy and burgundy, something Kane added to ensure wide-ranging appeal.

“I want to be inclusive,” he told Britain’s Harper’s Bazaar magazine. “I hate to say it, but I see a lot of brands that are ageist... I don’t want to cut anyone out! I’m so competitive and ambitious that I want to succeed and I want to sell. That’s the whole point.”

Kane has won critical attention from the fashion industry for his work, also including under the likes of Manolo Blahnik and Donatella Versace. And the 34-year-old puts down his success to the fact that he never stops sketching designs or working, claiming to “live and breathe” fashion at all times.

He notes the women in his family also constantly inspire him, even if they “scare” him from time to time.

“I’m surrounded by strong women; it’s one of my selling points. My sisters, my mum, Donatella (Versace), my tutor Louise Wilson, my mum’s sisters, who were like my other mothers.... I enjoy having women around,” he shared.

Christopher Kane’s collections are distributed in over 30 countries across more than 150 retailers.

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