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Christopher Kane: Fashion didn't stop for mother's death

Christopher Kane: Fashion didn't stop for mother's death

Christopher Kane found it hard to accept that the wheels of fashion kept turning after his mother died.

The Scottish designer's mum passed away in February (15), just days before he was due to present his Autumn/Winter 15 show at London Fashion Week. Although he was unsure about going ahead, his sister Tammy, who also works at the label, helped him realise he needed to carry on with the plan, even though it was intensely difficult.

"Winston Churchill said: ‘If you’re going through hell, keep going.’ My mum died three days before the show, and Tammy and I just had to keep going," he told Britain's The Guardian newspaper. "No one respects the fact that your mum’s just died. No one cares, because the mills need their sketches. And I’m not going to lie, I found that really tough. But it was the only thing to do, and it was the right thing to do, because keeping going was the only way to get through it.”

Fashion has been Christopher's obsession since he was at school, with his earliest memory getting told off for drawing "nude bodies" when he was supposed to be learning. He's always been interested in the curves of the body, explaining his upbringing encouraged that. As well as Tammy, he has another sister and two brothers and the whole family were very fluid about their privacy.

"When Christopher was about 15, I encouraged him to attend an evening class in life drawing at Glasgow School of Art," his school art teacher Janey Broughan explained. "A few days later he appeared with an impressive folio of figure studies, some of which were nudes. I asked him where he had found his models. ‘My sisters, of course!’ he said, as if it was the most natural thing in the world. It was typical of Christopher and Tammy that they did not give a single hoot for normal social conventions while pursuing their artistic goals."

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