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Christopher Kane: 'Fashion can be torture'

Christopher Kane: 'Fashion can be torture'

Christopher Kane sometimes feels as though he's serving a jail sentence as a designer.

The Scottish designer established his namesake label a decade ago alongside his sister Tammy, and following his early success, decided to make a deal with French luxury conglomerate Kering in 2013 to expand the brand further.

During his 10 years in fashion Christopher has had to keep up with the ever-changing industry, now presenting several collections a year rather than the original two, and the pressure can sometimes take its toll.

"We started the business, and then all of a sudden something called 'resort collection' came up and, we're like, 'What's resort?'" he recalled to Interview magazine. "We took it very gradually. I get such a buzz out of it. Sometimes it's so hard to be creative every day. It can be torture. It can be a jail sentence. I'm sure all designers will say the same."

To escape the heavy workload and avoid getting "sucked in", Christopher often tunes into TV or goes for a walk - anything that gets him out the studio.

His dedication to his brand has certainly paid off though as the Scotsman has won many accolades during his career so far, including New Designer of The Year at the British Fashion Awards in 2007 followed by Women’s Wear Designer of the Year at the 2013 ceremony. His success could be to do with Christopher steering clear of trends and not being influenced by everything else in the market, choosing instead to offer unique and distinct pieces.

"The fact is, as a designer, you're meant to give people what they don't know they want - a dream, a fantasy," he explained. "I think that's what should still remain. When I went to college at Central Saint Martins for six years, that was the way I was taught. Fashion was something that was for the exclusive, but now it's so inclusive - which is a great thing - but you still have to give people a fantasy and a dream, and make them part of the gang."

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