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Christopher Kane: Don’t mistake power for bossiness

Christopher Kane: Don’t mistake power for bossiness

Christopher Kane hates when strong women get confused for bossy.

The Scottish designer helms his namesake label, which is a favourite among stars such as Rihanna, Emma Watson and Chloë Grace Moretz.

Women have always been influential in his life, with Christopher saying the females in his family have been staunch supporters of his. His older sister Tammy is even creative director of his brand.

“Tammy is very strong and my mum was so, so strong. They instilled in me the idea that a woman can be anyone. She can have so many roles, she’s a chameleon. That’s what makes her great to dress. I find it frustrating when women are seen as b***hy or bossy or crazy just because they’re strong. I love strong," he gushed to the London Evening Standard.

There are two other very important women who help guide Christopher; Anna Wintour and Donatella Versace.

It's with the help of these two prominent fashion figures that Christopher's label has gone from strength to strength, which includes fashion conglomerate Kering buying a 51 per cent majority in it.

"I can be creative 24 hours a day but in this business you need help from the people who can make it happen. In the beginning Tammy and I were doing everything — and I mean everything — from the creative part to putting the bins out. We are still hands-on but now we delegate, we have a team. If I want to sit and sketch or go to exhibitions I can," he said, revealing it wasn't a difficult decision to sell part of the brand.

One thing he does find hard to handle is the copycat nature that can be seen in fashion. While it's a given that high-street stores will replicate catwalk designs, Christopher cannot stand designers that steal from other labels.

“That always unsettles me. There’s no excuse for laziness - and it is laziness," he sighed. "I see it and I think, ‘That was my idea,’ but you move on. I don’t get bitter about it. I’ll just be better next season."

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