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Christie Brinkley: Botox made my eyebrows claustrophobic

Christie Brinkley: Botox made my eyebrows claustrophobic

Model Christie Brinkley won’t ever have Botox again, as it made her eyebrows feel “claustrophobic”.

Many people have the procedure in order to look younger, by “freezing” the face and helping to banish wrinkles. The fashion star was intrigued by the promise but left disappointed when she couldn’t move her face afterwards.

"I tried Botox in the forehead. I'm not a fan. I won't ever do that again," she shuddered to ET Online. "I didn't like the claustrophobic feeling of not being able to do whatever I want with my eyebrows."

Instead, the 61-year-old beauty is working on ways to look fresh without surgical help. She’s found it’s actually quite simple and all comes down to treating your body right with a good diet and regular workouts.

"How you eat and how you exercise, these all play a tremendous role in how you feel, and therefore, how you look," she advised. "And a smile will give your face an instant lift and it also releases endorphins."

The model is also helping other women maintain gorgeous complexions by creating her own skincare line. Christie Brinkley Authentic Skincare launched earlier this year (15) and the star worked with dermatologist Doris Day on the project.

Top of the list was sun protection, which she believes is vital for keeping skin healthy.

"It was very important to me that we formulated something that, as much as is possible, protected against future sun damage,” the star told WWD, mentioning there is a broad spectrum of UVA and UVB protection included. “Men shave daily and get that exfoliation naturally. Women need to add that extra step.”

Christie also has fragrance and costume jewellery ranges.

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