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Christian Siriano: 'My customers are my priority'

Christian Siriano: 'My customers are my priority'

Christian Siriano always keeps his customers in mind when designing collections.

The designer, who came to prominence after winning the fourth season of Project Runway in 2008, has become known for his opulent floor length dresses, and is the go-to designer for celebrities of all shapes and sizes.

In July (16), Christian leapt to the aid of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, dressing her for the movie reboot’s premiere in a stunning red creation, when other designers refused to help her with a gown. Talking to Teen Vogue, the 30-year-old dressmaker explains how his clients are at the centre of everything he does.

“When designing a collection, the most important thing to keep in mind is that it must be for your customer!” he exclaimed to the publication. “No matter what, you must make sure that they will love it, want to buy it and live their life in it. It is important to be fashion forward and exciting and new every season but the customer still needs to be on board with what you are doing."

As for the most valuable lesson he’s learnt since making the big time, Christian shared that staying true to himself was top of his list. He adds that “even if it takes time for everyone else to follow along with you,” designers should stick to their guns.

“Never second-guess yourself and people will come around,” he smiled.

And when asked what advice he had to share with up-and-coming fashion stars, Christian insists success is all about finding your niche.

“It isn't always about being the best and having the most exposure, sometimes just great clothes that fit and make all women feel great is the most powerful thing in this business,” he explained.

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