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Christian Siriano: Dress sense doesn't reflect talent

Christian Siriano: Dress sense doesn't reflect talent

Christian Siriano thinks the worst dressed people are usually the most talented.

The American designer knows a thing or two about style; he helms his own successful brand and is a member of the Council of Fashion Designers of America. Christian always looks trendy with his own wardrobe, but insists appearances aren't everything and that skills are more important.

"Usually everyone that looks the worst is the most talented. True story," he told the deputy editor of America's Cosmopolitan magazine, Katie Connor. "We have a girl that we just hired, and she really looks a mess, everything about her. But she is one of the most brilliant pattern-makers I have ever met in my entire life, therefore I do not care. She can wear whatever she wants - drape that gown in one hour, and good to go."

It may not matter to Christian what people look like behind-the-scenes but the star does make sure his sales team dress to impress, as it's a role that's "all about presentation". As for his own outfits, the designer often opts for a stylish pairing of T-shirts and jeans.

"I am around ladies' clothing all day long, and I get real sick of clothes," he sighed. "So (that's) my thing... I don't really buy expensive clothes. I love good bags!"

Christian soared to fame after winning Project Runway in 2008 and now dresses the likes of Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Taylor Swift. When it comes to advising twenty-something women on how to dress, the fashion star says it's all about the fit.

"I think a lot of women aren't really sure about their bodies, so they don't always get their fit right, whether it's too tight and too sexy, or way oversized and doesn't show figure at all," he commented.

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