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Christian Louboutin's new lip glosses

Christian Louboutin's new lip glosses

Christian Louboutin has added to its make-up offerings with a new lip lacquer, the Loubilaque.

The collection of eight glosses joins the shoe brand’s line of nail varnishes, lipsticks and lip pencils. In keeping with the label’s famous red soled shoes, a vibrant red hue is on offer, as well as variations on the colour and pink shades and a darker plum colour.

“I really wanted to have a lacquer for the lips, but (one that) looked like a patent (leather) more than a vinyl,” Louboutin told WWD.

The designer got the idea for a non sticky, not too glossy product after working on a patent leather footwear range, and wanted to create something similar for lips.

“Lips need to be fuller. (But) I didn’t want it to look plasticy. You don’t want to Botox your lips. We like a shiny patent,” he continued. “It’s highlighting your lips; it’s not coloring them. It’s putting a projector on it.”

As expected from such a luxury label, the piece of make-up comes presented in a beautiful black jewellery box featuring gold detailing.

The design of the gloss itself looks almost like a chic mermaid’s tail, with a glamorous gold and silver crown serving as the applicator.

“My number-one goal — apart from the quality of the product — is also (to make sure) that there is beauty in every aspect; not only when it goes on your lips, but when you have it in your hand, close it and take it with you. It should be beautiful all the way,” Louboutin smiled.

The new glosses will be available from 1 July (16) with a price tag of $85 (£59). Fans can get theirs at Selected U.S. stores will also be carrying them.

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