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Christian Louboutin's African inspiration

Christian Louboutin's African inspiration

Christian Louboutin celebrated his new Africana tote bag with a party in Paris.

The French footwear designer and his long-time friend Valerie Schlumberger are behind the new accessory, which is a visual spectacle made up of colours and fabrics associated with the continent.

Talking about his latest offering, Christian explained where the idea came from.

“We wanted the charm and beauty of the African fabrics, and to make the bag perfectly structured to show two types of excellence (Senegalese and French craftsmanship),” he told WWD.

“I buy all kinds of African pieces and furniture.”

The party was held at an African bar in Paris’ Canal Saint-Martin, with Monica Pereira and the Kora Jazz band providing the evening’s entertainment.

Valerie was joined by daughters Camille Seydoux and Ondine Saglio, though Spectre actress Lea wasn’t there.

Ondine commented that Christian was like a godfather to them, while stylist Camille had a bag earmarked for the upcoming Cannes Film Festival,

“Tote bags are a little complicated for walking up the steps, but they’re perfect to bring your essentials - and heels - when you go for your interviews,” Camille noted.

Designer Valerie, who owns store La Compagnie du Senegal et de l’Afrique de l’Ouest, or CSAO, in the French capital is looking forward to expanding her boutique later this year (16).

She and Christian, who calls her shop “a wonderful place”, have been firm friends for many years, with Valerie happy to share stories about the master of shoes.

“He would switch between gardening and sketching shoes (when he used to come and visit). He had an overflowing creativity,” she smiled.

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