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Christian Louboutin launching fragrance line

Christian Louboutin launching fragrance line

Christian Louboutin is launching his first perfume line.

The French designer has built a brand around his signature shiny, red-soled shoes, which are coveted by discerning fashionistas around the globe. He’s more recently delved into the beauty market, launching a range of nail polishes in 2014 under Christian Louboutin Beaute, and Loubilaque Lip Lacquer in June (16).

And in what might be his most business savvy move to date, he’s unveiling three new fragrances which he hopes will deliver women an original scent experience as well as allow them to express themselves and “enhance their femininity in a classical way.”

The Paris-based footwear mogul didn’t take the project lightly, spending nearly three years working with perfumers and tweaking formulations.

“Everything that is new that you do is an experience,” Louboutin told WWD. “You need to think on an entire experience. Why would anybody need another fragrance; why would anyone need a new pair of high-heeled pumps in black? It’s not just the object but the entire adventure.”

To begin with, Louboutin is focusing on feminine fragrances; the first scent is called Bikini Questa Sera (Bikini Tonight) and features hints of tuberose, jasmine and sandalwood; the second is Tornade Blonde which has a base of rose, cassis and rhubarb, with notes of cedarwood and sandalwood; while the third perfume, Trouble in Heaven, is more provocative and is built around notes of iris, patchouli and oriental amber.

The 52-year-old is also very proud of the curved glass flacon his perfume is bottled in, which was designed by Thomas Heatherwick, the man who designed the torch for the London Olympics.

“It needed to be feminine, so it couldn’t be square,” explained Louboutin. “I needed to see curves. I’m more of a round person, than a square person.”

The three fragrances are being launched on Wednesday (07Sep16) and will be available at Louboutin stores, 115 retailers worldwide and online.

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