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Christian Dior moves online

Christian Dior moves online

Christian Dior is finally breaking into e-commerce.

Bosses at the esteemed fashion house have finally decided to make pieces from the label available online, but anyone wanting to buy a whole collection will be disappointed. It seems the fashion house's team hopes slow and steady will win the race, as its first foray into web retail comes courtesy of a pop-up shoe shop with New York City retailer Bergdorf Goodman.

"The whole purpose and goal of this was to really leverage our partnership with Bergdorf and push the client base that they have that we don’t have," Pamela Baxter, president and CEO of LVMH Perfumes & Cosmetics for Christian Dior, told WWD. "It’s a really a win-win for everyone."

There are 14 styles on offer, starting on Monday (16Nov15) and available until 31 December. Each of the pieces comes for Dior's Cruise line, boasting flats, heels and sneakers, and the prices range between $830 and $1,140.

Proving they have an eye on the future, label bosses have asked various big fashion names on social media to promote the sale.

People have been working on the sale for the last year, with Bergdorf's president Joshua Schulman the driving force after realising that many of his store's shoppers liked to make purchases online, but were unable to buy certain brands with no web presence.

Baxter explained Dior honchos always knew online was important, but wanted to put their customers first and so had to be sure a new venture would work.

"The retail experience and relationship building between our expert sales associates and our clients is really important to us," she said. "To be quite frank, we don’t know how that relationship would build online. I have got people in the stores who know exactly who their client is. We have programs in stores for initiating and engaging new clients. We do that really well. When we find that experiential relationship connection and how to do that online, we’ll jump in with both feet.”

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