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Chrissy Teigen wishes she could eat fried chicken 'every day'

FashionBy Sunday World
Chrissy Teigen wishes she could eat fried chicken 'every day'

Chrissy Teigen says the worst thing about being a supermodel is "not eating fried chicken".

The 29-year-old beauty - who is married to 'Ordinary People' hitmaker John Legend - confessed the ugly truths of what it takes to be successful in the modelling industry.

Chrissy said: "The thing not cool about being a model is I can't eat fried chicken every day."

She also revealed the pain behind her recent injury on the US TV show 'Lip Sync Battle' - where the model DJs for the celebrities' musical performances.

She told People magazine: "[The] worst my feet ever hurt was when I broke my foot on 'Lip Sync' two weeks ago.

"Someone did a cartwheel in the hall and I was all like, 'Yay', and then I cracked two bones."

The Sports Illustrated model posted a photograph on Instagram of her injury wrapped up in bandages.

Meanwhile, Chrissy also revealed that her favourite John Legend song is 'Everybody Knows'.

She added: "It's a kind of random song because I don't think it's anybody's favourite."