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Chloe Lewis' beauty routine

Chloe Lewis' beauty routine

Chloe Lewis thinks make up is crucial.

The 'Only Way Is Essex' star says she would still look flawless wearing a "bin bag" even if it meant she had more time to do her make up and hair.

She shared: "I start my beauty regime by preparing my skin the night before with a Mudd Face Mask. I have a blow dry or sometimes I do it myself depending on what I'm wearing and what style I need.

"Sometimes I have my outfit prepared, if not, I always chuck something together last minute. If you have good hair and make-up you can wear a bin liner."

The television personality also revealed her New Year's Resolutions, admitting she'd like to improve her self-esteem.

She told "I would like to get fitter in the New Year for my own self-esteem and just to feel better in myself. It would be nice to get into more of a workout schedule ... Well if I'm honest I do go to the gym but I do have days where I splurge on bad food. I think a bit of everything in moderation is fine."

When asked about her favourite diets she likes to follow, she added: "I get bored easy, so I mix it up every day. For breakfast I love porridge or Greek yogurt but I'm also a toast lover."