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Chloe Grace Moretz' acne battle

Chloe Grace Moretz' acne battle

Chloe Grace Moretz battled with cystic acne "for years."

The 19-year-old actress has admitted she struggled with the painful spots, which tend to emerge and sit beneath the skin, for a really long time but has now managed to find a daily routine that helps eliminate most of the bumpy lesions.

Speaking to, she said: "I struggled with cystic acne for years. It was really bad. Now, it's really smooth."

The blonde beauty believes the basic items in her kitchen cupboards such as olive oil have been her saving grace in her on-going plan to banish her blemishes once and for all.

She explained: "Oil accepts oil, so it actually gets all of the bad oil out of your pores first before you use a cleanser. I use the oil first and you rub it and rub it and rub it until all your makeup comes off and then you finish with a cleanser."

But, although she's pleased with how her skin looks now, Chloe has admitted she still gets the occasional breakout.

She said: "I still get my hormonal breakouts. I'll eat pizza and the next day I will wake up with a pimple. I'm like, 'Ah! I knew it. It really is about diet. It really helps eating clean."