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Chelsy Davy's jewellery line 'blows' her mind

Chelsy Davy's jewellery line 'blows' her mind

Chelsy Davy's jewellery line "blows" her mind.

The 30-year-old blonde beauty - who quit her role as a trainee solicitor at Allen and Overy in 2014 to focus on her African- based accessories range Aya, which launched this year - has admitted she is shocked by the beauty of each unique stone created and used in her fashion collection.

Speaking to the Times newspaper about her brand, the Zimbabwe-born star said: "I want everyone to know about Aya.

"Aya is not a charity, it is a luxury brand of beautiful top quality stones and solid gold. But it won't neglect the communities from where they are sourced.

"Each one was created by these specific difficult circumstances. It blows my mind."

Meanwhile Chelsy - who broke off her seven-year romance with Prince Harry in 2011 - has revealed she had no idea about style when she first moved to England and studied at Stowe school, where she met Harry.

Speaking about her former wardrobe choices, she said: "[I looked like] Crocodile Dundee, with all my snakes. You should have seen the way I looked. Odd. Very odd. I wore ridiculous things. I didn't know anything about fashion, Living in Zim, no one had many clothes, no one cared.

"The girls scared me a bit. Everyone was more grown up than me. I was this innocent, stunted child who'd been brought up in the bush, a little kid. I tell you, 14-year-olds in England are not little kids.

"I'd never worn make-up and suddenly everyone was in make-up. My eyes were like little saucers: 'Wow, this is bonkers!' It was very exciting though."

Meanwhile, Chelsy has paid for classrooms to be set up near an emerald mine in Zambia whilst she is also building her accessories empire.

Speaking about the social project, she said: "Well, yes, because Aya hasn't launched and I haven't sold any jewellery yet."