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Charlotte Dellal: I'm cool with kitsch

Charlotte Dellal: I'm cool with kitsch

Charlotte Dellal happily describes her designs as "kitsch" because that means they aren't too "sober".

The designer is behind the brand Charlotte Olympia, which is known for its shoes and bags. Many of her pieces are unusual - for example there are flat shoes made to look like cats' faces and others with spider webs etched on them. The star has no intention of getting rid of this sense of playfulness.

"It’s just that kitsch suggests a novelty that isn’t always luxurious but you know, luxury can be playful — it doesn’t have to be sober," she told

Charlotte comes from a famous family; her father is multimillionaire tycoon Guy Dellal and her sister Alice is a model. The siblings had a sense of drive instilled in them from an early age, and it was some advice from Guy which set Charlotte on the path she's following today.

"The first thing my dad asked me when I told him what I wanted to do was whether this was going to be a hobby or a business," she recalled. "It made me think and he made me aware of the importance of a business plan."

That said, she isn't all about moneymaking and pushing her business onto the next stage. Charlotte is also a mother and she will always put her family first, with the star proud of how she managed mummy duties alongside her career.

"Of course, I’m very fortunate: my office is a block away from my house in Ladbroke Grove (London, UK) so I can be in two places at once, so to speak," she said. "I can do drop-offs and pick-ups; because I started the business and had my first son in the same year, I don’t know any different. I quite like the perspective that having kids brings, because no matter what happens, they make you realise these are just shoes and yet… it’s also great to escape the chaos and work to build something I’m very proud of. I’ve got my boys at home and my girls in the office."

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