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Charlize Theron it was ironic when I landed Dior deal

Charlize Theron it was ironic when I landed Dior deal

Charlize Theron found it ironic that she landed the J'adore by Christian Dior perfume campaign after her appearance in 'Monster'.

The 40-year-old actress received a call asking her to be the face of the luxury brand's fragrance after filming the 2003 crime drama, which saw her cast as real life serial killer prostitute Aileen Wuornos.

For the role - which earned her a Best Actress Oscar - Charlize gained 30 pounds and lost her athletic figure and was seen on screen with little make-up and imperfect skin but that unglamorous appearance led to her landing a massive beauty contract.

Speaking to ELLE for a behind-the-scenes video of her shooting her latest campaign for Dior, she recalled: "When I got the call from New York, I had just done 'Monster'. It's great irony. They were like, 'We want that girl.' "

After representing the cosmetics company for many years, Charlize believes she has a unique insight into what the brand stands for.

Speaking about the commercials - which always feature her signature walk - she said: "Dior is about keeping your eye forward, the movement is always forward. There is nothing stagnant about it, it's always moving.

"I think in the next campaign we should actually have her get to her destination."

When asked to characterise J'adore by Christian Dior and assign it to a sound, Charlize compared it to the cheerful and uplifting noise of her four-year-old son Jackson

'The Huntsman: Winter's War' star - who also has a baby daughter August - said: "That's easy. It would be the sound of laughter, it's the sound of my little one cracking up at something that he thinks is incredibly funny."