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Channing Tatum is wife Jenna 's nail polish remover

Channing Tatum is wife Jenna 's nail polish remover

Channing Tatum is his wife Jenna Dewan Tatum's personal "polish remover".

The 36-year-old actor was caught scrubbing at the nail varnish on his beautiful wife's pedicure in a Snapchat video taken of the couple, and was later caught hand drying the coral-coloured lacquer applied to the 35-year-old actresses talons.

Jenna took to the social media platform to show her husband's beauty duties, with an arrow labelling the heartthrob a "polish remover".

She captioned the photo: "Yes you guys he is this awesome."

And moments later, the 'Magic Mike' heartthrob picked up Jenna's legs to blow dry her pedicure.

Jenna shared the close up, with the mono-syllabic headline: "Yep."

The couple - who have two-year-old daughter Everly together - are always willing to help each other and use their talents to make each other happy.

Ahead of shooting 'Hail, Caesar!', Jenna gave her hunky husband tap dancing lessons for his role as Burt Gurney in the 50s Hollywood set comedy film.

Channing - who married actress Jenna in July 2009 after meeting her on the set of 2006 dance film 'Step Up' - revealed: "We would do about two to three hours everyday and then I would go home and have Jenna help me. She would watch the [choreography] video with me and then go over it with me and then I would do it.

"This one hit a real nerve with her because she's like, 'What. You're doing what?' I was like, 'Tap dancing.' She's like, 'You don't even (tap)! I'm an amazing tapper.' I was like, 'What?' I didn't even know she could tap because there is not a big huge demand for people who can tap dance."