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Chanel's new unisex scent

Chanel's new unisex scent

Chanel’s latest fragrance is set to become a firm favourite for both men and women.

Boy Chanel transcends the traditional perfume barriers, having been created for both sexes by perfumer Olivier Polge. It was never Olivier’s intention to cover duel markets with one scent, but the end result means both boys and girls will be able to enjoy the latest in the Les Exclusifs line.

“The idea, I think, was in the house for a long time,” Olivier told WWD, adding the notion stemmed from Chanel’s fashion offerings of making a traditional men’s aesthetic feminine, when worn by women.

“My way of working on this fragrance was really not to try to make a unisex fragrance but really more to dive into men’s fragrance… and to show how well it could be worn by a woman. So it was not to try to create an in-between fragrance, but a very masculine fragrance. And - like many other things in life - gender is given by the person wearing it.”

He likens it to a woman putting on her boyfriend’s shirt, giving the piece an instant feminine twist.

Boy Chanel marks the 17th scent in the Les Exclusifs collection, and the second to be helmed by Olivier. It will be launched exclusively in Chanel’s beauty boutique in the Marais neighbourhood of Paris on Thursday (24Mar16), before rolling out to 240 stories worldwide in June.

“I was trying to play with rules (of masculinity and femininity), which I liked. By playing with those rules, it’s a way of showing there are no rules,” Olivier smiled.

“We are targeting people who are looking for unexpected scents.”

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