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Chanel's beautiful brasserie show

Chanel's beautiful brasserie show

Chanel ditched the supermarket for a French brasserie at Paris Fashion Week this morning.

Designer Karl Lagerfeld is famed for going all out with his sets, making the Chanel shows one of the highlights at the biannual French event. In the past he's created a Chanel supermarket, complete with shopping carts pushed around by models and fashion house-branded food.

This time around the vibe was a little more relaxed, with Karl recreating a typical French brasserie on the catwalk. At the centre of the stage was a giant bar, complete with wood and gold trim. It featured men in white shirts, black waistcoats and matching bow ties serving drinks, with models walking around it to show off the clothes and then casually sitting chatting to each other. Chief among the barman was Karl's muse Baptiste Giabiconi, who was happy to serve models including Cara Delevingne and Kendall Jenner mid show.

But while the set was impressive of course this was a fashion show and so it should be about the clothes.

Cara was seen in a powerful skirt suit, with the jacket cinched at the waist with a thin silver belt. While most of the bodice was black the puffed sleeves were contrasting white, and her dark hair was slicked down with lashings of heavy eye make-up finishing the look.

The famed Chanel tweeds also got a look in, mostly coming in skirts and matching jackets.

Polo necks, tight headbands and slim-fitting trousers were other big looks, along with bold checks and full skirts which fell to the knee.

Over the last few seasons footwear has been one of the must-sees at Chanel, with Karl once again going for something unusual for Autumn/Winter 15. Models wore a court shoe and mule hybrid, which was beige with a dark toe and had a small fat heel.

Paris Fashion Week continues today with Valentino, Paul & Joe and Alexander McQueen.

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