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Chanel Iman: My life's a showroom

Chanel Iman: My life's a showroom

Model Chanel Iman sees so many new clothes, she feels like she lives in a fashion showroom.

The 24-year-old beauty has enjoyed great successes in the industry, working with labels including Bottega Veneta, Ralph Lauren and DKNY. When faced with the question of whose closet she would like to raid, she couldn't answer as she has so many outfit options already.

"I don’t know, I live in my stylist’s closet — Nina Patrickson," she told "She always puts me in Zimmermann. I live in a lot of showrooms. Clothes come in and out of there all the time, all the new collections, so yeah, I live in a showroom."

With so many clothes around, it's been easy for Chanel to work out her personal style.

"I like simple things," she explained. "Nice shoes, a good clutch or Chanel purse, and a good pair of shades."

But access to great looks isn't the only perk of her job. The model is always jetting around the world for campaigns and shoots, which is a huge bonus for her.

"Oh that’s my favourite, travelling and getting on the plane," she gushed. "Today I'm in Australia, last week I was in Dubai and a week before that, I was in Hawaii. I shoot in the most beautiful locations, and the pictures the photographers take of me I'm going to have for the rest of my life to show my kids, so I’m very proud of what I do, and want to continue to be the best model I can. Now I'm acting and working with my acting coach back in LA to better myself as an actress."

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