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CFDA to hold second Jewellery Showcase event

CFDA to hold second Jewellery Showcase event

The Council of Fashion Designers of America are to hold another CFDA Jewellery Showcase event following the success of the first.

The stylish organisation originally put on the occasion in 2013 and it proved to be beneficial for jewellery designers. Now, two years on, there is to be a second showcase comprising of 17 CFDA-member labels as chief executive officer Steven Kolb received an outburst of interest.

“It helped each of the participants be in front of editors that they might not have been otherwise be in front of," he told WWD. "The power of a group is stronger than the power of one - it’s about creating a collective force.”

Jewellery plays a big part in the CFDA, with around 79 of approximately 500 brands focusing on the area. With so much attention on the craft during the recent Fashion Week shows, Steven feels the CFDA's showcase is a natural extension of the non-profit company. After all, it does support designers of fashion and fashion accessories.

"We launched men’s fashion week this past summer and that put a significant spotlight on men’s, so it seemed natural... to categorise other segments of membership,” he added.

There's more to come on the horizon too as Steven revealed the idea will expand beyond clothing and jewellery in the future. The Eyewear Designers of the CFDA (ECFDA) are planning to hold a similar event in around a month's time.

The CFDA Jewellery Showcase will take place in New York on October 26 (15).

CFDA Jewellery Showcase participants

Angela Cummings, Angela Cummings for Assael

Ashley Pittman, Ashley Pittman

Rony Vardi & Leigh Batnick Plessner, Catbird

Coomi Bhasin, Coomi

Dean Harris, Dean Harris

Katrin Zimmermann, Ex Ovo

John Brevard, John Brevard

Mish Tworkowski, Mish New York

Nicholas Varney, Nicholas Varney Jewels

Paige Novick, Paige Novick

Scosha Woolridge, Scosha

Sharon Khazzam, Sharon Khazzam

Brooke Garber Neidich, Sidney Garber

Simon Alcantara, Simon Alcantara

Paige Dellavalle and Ashley Jung, Stella Valle

Stephen Dweck, Stephen Dweck

Cheryl Finnegan, VSA Designs

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