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Cavalli loves women of mystery

Cavalli loves women of mystery

Roberto Cavalli thinks mysterious women are the most alluring.

The fashion designer is always open about how much he appreciates the female form, previously saying his son gets embarrassed when he remarks upon hot girls he sees.

Now the 74-year-old designer has given some tips on how ladies can look their best.

"Wear something sexy," he advised a reader of British magazine InStyle, who asked what to wear for a date. "Not overly so though - you should remain mysterious to be truly alluring. Choose something you feel confident in and remember that you are the one in control, not him."

The star may like women to show off their assets, but he recognises that there's a time and a place for that. It means he wouldn't advocate dressing as you do for a date when you are going to a wedding.

"Just don't wear white, ha ha ha!" he laughed about attending a friend's nuptials. "No, you cannot overshadow the bride as it is her day. Wear something romantic and feminine; this is what weddings are about after all. A beautiful floral print is perfect for a spring/summer wedding. Just be gracious - it is the bride's special day."

It's not just clothes Roberto is interested in, he also has a penchant for interior design and architecture. He has a huge house which overlooks Florence, which was built in the 15th century. As well as swimming pools and a helipad there are several living rooms, all decorated in the flamboyant way you'd expect of a designer obsessed with leopard print.

"The stones in this house are 600 years old. Sometimes when I am alone in the night, with Beethoven and Chopin as my music, I wish they could speak. Maybe they could tell me stories about Florence and the people who passed here before me. And I think, five hundred years from now, who will live here? It's part of me, this house," he explained.

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