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Catherine Martin praises Prada

Catherine Martin praises Prada

Catherine Martin thinks that Miuccia Prada's cultured background shines through her designs.

Costume designer Catherine worked with Prada on the outfits worn in 2013's The Great Gatsby, which was helmed by Catherine's husband Baz Luhrmann.

Sumptuous 20s-era costumes became the must-have style after the film's release, and Catherine thinks that comes down to Prada.

“Why I thought it might be an interesting collaboration is because although Miuccia would say she only references the past she knows herself, [that] she only references things that she’s lived through or seen before, you can see that she is incredibly cultured, she comes from a historical, European tradition," Catherine told American Vogue.

"In her clothes you can see that culture, that education, being well-read, being surrounded by museums, but with her it becomes the future."

Catherine has won four Oscars over the course of her career, including best achievement in costume for The Great Gatsby.

After working with the famed fashion designer, whose namesake label is one of the most popular brands in the world, Catherine summarises that she operates in a similar way to Baz.

"It’s a very interesting thing and it’s not consciously trying to quote the past... In a way, they’re both trying to get something new, but Baz does it by very consciously quoting the past. There’s a certain amount of irreverent nostalgia, if that can be a concept. And it’s about, I suppose, referencing the past to get to the future," she commented.

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